Onto Something New

“You should start a blog” is something I’ve been told about a thousand times… Yet I always placed the motive to start at the back right hand corner of my mind. I’ve always procrastinated & assured myself that I’d start it later.”Tomorrow” I’d say, “I’ll start it tomorrow!”.

That “tomorrow” is today 🙂

“Wait. Why did you start this blog?”…  Why not?

More than anything, reading and writing are alway things I have loved doing for as long as I can remember! I love how you can get lost in a good book and forget about reality for a while, or, how I feel most like myself when writing.

To be completely honest, at this point in my life, with university only a year away, Journalism or communications is what I relly want to study & What better way to test the waters than to start a blog?

I haven’t always wanted to be a journaist.  When I was young I thought about being so many things. I wanted to be a doctor – until I realised that I was too weak a person to see people in pain and not be able to do anything about it. Next came wanting to be a vet – however, that was the most unrealistic and far fetched career goal considering the fact that I will run from any animal that isnt a cat. I even wanted to be a bus driver at one point, and I would sit at the front of the bus each time watching the driver in admiration aha! In fact,  You know those worksheets you get when you’re in year one which ask you to write about what you want to be when youre older? Yeah… One time I even  wrote that “I want to be a bee” when I grow up aha! So thus far, I have literally considered every career in the book, however, once I stumbled upon journalism, FINALLY something felt right and I havent considered going into another career ever since. SO September 2017 (fingers crossed), I’ll be on the road to starting this profession and I cannot wait! I’m so excited for the future and for what’s ahead of me. Of course I am not naive and understand that the future isnt set in stone, but I do believe it’s yours to make & that Self determination is all you need to get there!

So after the last push of encouragement from the creative head of an internship I recently went to, along came this blog! It’s already become a  passion for me, and I really wish I started sooner. But better late than never right? Hopefully I can improve my writing skills as well in the process!

Thus far, this blog doesnt have a precise theme. I intend to just go with the flow and write about whatever topic or issue is on my mind.  I do plan on writing a little bit about everything though. If I travel, I’ll write about that. Without a doubt  Ill definitely go into the misconceptions of my beautiful continent – Africa . Thats one area I could write for years about! Some lifestyle posts will pop up here and there and, I’ll also throw some of my thoughts on global issues in here as well some photography.

I do intend to make this blog a little personal , however, I will definitely nor be spilling out my entire life for you all to read.


For those of you who have just  stumbled upon the name “Emma Ogao”today … Here’s a little bit about me:


  • I’m a 17 year old Kenyan girl who likes photography & writing and travelling 🙂
  • I am currently in my final year of school!! (yaayy)
  • Im 5’8″, with a full head of hair and an addiction to Kit Kat.
  • I swim, I love travelling and meeting new people. But most importantly, I am in love with sunsets!
  • Oh & My Birthday is on the 24th of August 🙂

If I were to give you a thorough introduction to myself, this post would go on for centuries, however, I can assure you that you definitely will learn alot about me in future posts 🙂

I will try and post as frequently as I can 🙂 and I hope that I can inspire as well as entertain you guys!

As always Thank you all so much for reading &  I really do appreciate all the support!  It means the world to me!❤ – Emma



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