Summer 16′ : Oh Glorious Denmark!

As some of you may already know, I recently took a trip to Europe, with Denmark being the first stop:)

[P.s: Stay tuned for future posts on Sweden, Germany and The Netherlands!] .

I had never been to Denmark before, so I was sooooooo excited to go!! My suitcase was already out and ready a month before the trip! So when I say I was excited… I was really excited guys.

My mom had been & lived in Denmark for several months, and she told me a lot of good things about it, and this only heightened my already high levels of excitement. I loved every single bit of the trip, and the people of Copenhagen were some of the nicest and most accommodating people I have ever come across in my entire life! (not to mention that the pastries were out of this world). If you are a foodie like me, then Copenhagen is a must!!! After being there, I can definitely understand why Copenhagen has been named one of the happiest cities in the world:)

If you’re looking for a relaxing weekend of walking and sightseeing, this is the Copenhagen is the perfect place!

Here’s how my trip went 🙂



It all began with our flight from Nairobi to Dubai (which was at 10:30pm.

Airline? Emirates as usual!!

We got to the airport about 3 hours prior and went through the usual security and check-in procedure.



Since I am not a fan of airplane food , THANK GOD for the Java at the airport so we , (me in particular) could eat something before we left!

Our flight route was as follows:

NBO (Nairobi) – DXB (Dubai)= 5 hours

DXB (Dubai) – CPH (Copenhagen) = 6 hours 55 min

We got to Copenhagen in the afternoon of the following day:) Instead of staying in a hotel (as we normally would) , we decided to switch it up a little bit! We found this pretty cool funky hostel called “Urban House” and at first I was a little skeptical about it, but i ended up LOVING IT in the end!! We had such a good  time, met some really cool people – and it’s location perfect as it was located right in the middle of the city!

The staff were super nice as well and they made our stay even more comfortable than it already was.

What I loved most was the way you could interact with people:) There was a relaxation area with a pool table, books, games, TV etc where teenagers (mostly) would go hang out. Then, there was a main kitchen and dining area where you could cook & eat! I am so thankful for it all because we got to run into some really cool people, who we would have probably never met if we stayed up in our rooms or in a hotel! :)

If anyone is going to Copenhagen I would definitely recommend staying there , their website is :  – you should check it out!It’s really in demand though (another sublte indicator of how amazing it is)

When we went it was fully booked, so if you’re planning to go make sure you book well in advance, since its a really popular spot:)

It’s also worth buying a Copenhagen Card. It’s pretty useful as it gives you free entry to some tourist attractions, and it saves you money on public transport (buses, metro & canal boats)    :)

Here are some of the many things we managed to do while we were in Copenhagen:)

1.Copenhagen zoo!


By the time we actually settled down it was about 4 pm, and we needed something to do! So, since the zoo was a short walk from where we were staying, the group of us decided to go! Now, I am not the biggest fan of zoo’s. The whole idea of  confining an animal to a artificial environment, in a different climate,  away from its home, for humans to gape at doesn’t sit well with me. However, if it wasnt for zoo’s, there are some animals I would probably never get to see… so I’m 50/50 about zoos.

We did have a good time though! We stayed there for a couple hours and then slowly walked back to Urban House.


2.  Copenhagen Street Food!

When travelling its always easy to settle for the usual McDonalds/KFC/ Burger King, but there was absolutely no way we were going to leave Copenhagen without trying some good Danish food!

So, we (along with some family friends) went to this popular food market called Papirøen – which means “Paper Island” with some family friends:)

When we got there it was PACKED! It was literally like everyone in the city was out that day. Maybe it was because it was such a  beautiful day and everybody came out to make the best of it… Or, maybe it was because we were in town so everyone wanted to see us! (I’m only joking HAHA) . Whatever the reason, Papirøen was full !! Since the lines to get food were so long, half of us went in to get food & drinks , while the rest of us stayed outside looking for a place to sit, (while enjoying the scenery of course). Luckily for us, we found some really nice people who helped us save a space big enough for all of us to sit:)


Views from  Papirøen

Papirøen is basically this huge warehouse like building filled with food trucks, stalls and mini bars! To top it off, it’s located on the side of a Canal – so the scenery is stunning! (especially at sunset). The atmosphere there was so great, there was live music and was having a good time! In fact,We were having so much fun that we sat there for hours without even realizing it! Time does fly when you’re having fun:) We may have also eaten a bit too much (lol), however, we walked it off afterwards so its allowed!

 Yummy Yummy Yummy

 When we eventually did leave, it was 9pm:) We said bye to everyone that we had met, and headed to the Inderhavnsbroen (Inner- Harbour Bridge) – which would eventually lead us to Nyhavn (the street with the colourful buildings)!  Below are some pictures of our walk from Papirøen (Copenhagen Street Food) , across the Inner-Harbor bridge and into Nyhavn.








Its moments like this where I wish I could have a vlogging channel as the crazy beauty of the sunset and the cheerful atmosphere cant be captured in these photos 😦




Nyhavn is arguably the most picturesque place in Copenhagen! Its extraordinary beautiful, vibrant, colorful and tons of fun! We got there at around 10 pm after eating our hearts out at the Copenhagen Food Market.

Even though it was late, it was still bright out (#summer):) So we stayed there until it got dark- which was around 11/12pm.


In the 1600’s Nyhavn was  a busy commercial port where ships from all over the world would dock. The area was packed with sailors, brothels and pubs. Today, the beautiful old houses have been renovated , and classy restaurants & shops dominate the old port.

On one side of the bank, there are shops, bars, dining areas, musicians, people sitting down, talking and enjoying the free live music. That’s the busy side with loads of pedestrians. Then, on the other side of the bank, you can be an observer, witnessing the action but not being part of it.

I honestly fell in love with the colourful houses along the canal, I think the burst of colour really adds to the already great atmosphere, bringing it even more life! Since it was a weekend night, the streets were filled with fun, laughter, great music… and people playing Pokemon Go.

We had a lovely time though! Nyhavn was definitely the perfect way to end the day:)

Me taking photos of the sunset (as usual)








 Let sjust take a minute to appreciate this beautiful sunset


 4. The Little Mermaid!

On the third day, after  relaxing morning, we headed to the Langelinie Promenade to see the most photographed sculpture in Denmark – the “Little Mermaid”.

The 1.25 meter bronze statue was made by Danish sculptor Edvard Erikson as a tribute to Anderson’s fairytale – The little Mermaid.

The little mermad was surrounded by happy tourists taking photos and little kids running around.

It was quite full when we got there, however we managed to get some good pictures and enjoy the scenery! There were some rocks below the iconic statue where people could go and take pictures- however- being the clumsy person that I am, I wasn’t about to put myself in a situation with high chances of me falling into the sea!

Infact, there were these dogs that decided that they were going to walk on the rocks on the very edge of the sea.  Guess what happened to them… yes they fell into the sea (HAHA). Thank God they didn’t drown though.

All in all, it was a good morning , with great weather and lots of laughs:)

5. Strøget!

Stroget! The oldest and longest pedestrian street in the world!! After a relaxed morning and a visit to the “Little Mermaid”, it was time for us to check it out & do some retail therapy:)


This street lierally had everything! On one end there were the high end shops like Gucci, Louis Vitton, Prada, Mulberry etc. Then, on the other end of the street, there were more budget friendly shops.

We tried not to shop too much too much at Stroget, mainly because Copenhagen was our first stop and if we went overboard with shopping we’d have to buy like 5 extra suitcases.  However, with summer sales everywhere, there was too much temptation.

There were some really nice souvenir shops as well, so we got most of our postcards and souvenirs from there:)

We saw a couple street performers along the pedestrian street as well- I found the ones above the most memorable.

Left: Bare in mind that these performers were not moving (except for the occasional smiles they gave to onlookers). We literally stood there staring at these performers for almost 20 minutes trying to figure out how on earth the guy ontop managed to remain in that position for hours. We knew it was an of illusion, however, figuring out their precise tactic was beyond us. After about 10 minutes of staring in awe, we gave up and classified it as juju.

Right: guy on the right was literally spinning in that gigantic hula hoop! I was very impressive. He had the largest crowd on the street and everyone, including us, were all staring in awe.


 6. Amalienborg!

On our last day, we went to Amalienborg – the residency of the Danish royal family .

It is made up of four palaces:

1. Christian VII’s Palace (also known as Moltke’s Palace. It is used as guest residence.

2.Christian VIII’s Palace (also known as Levetzau’ Palace). It is used as guest palace for Prince Joachim and Princess Benedikte.

3.Frederik VIII’s Palace (also known as Brockdorff’s Palace). It is the home of the Crown Prince family.

4.Christian IX’s Palace (also known as Schack’s Palace). It is the home of the Queen and Prince Consort.

It was a shame that the royal family wasn’t there at the time of our visit. I know the chances of us seeing them wouldn’t have been that high, however, it would have been nice to visit the palace knowing that the royal family was actually there:)




7. Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens is the second-oldest operating amusement park in the world!

From Copenhagen central, you could literlaly hear the people on the rides screaming. We made it a point to go, however, in the end we never got round to it.

I regret it now, but next time we visit Copenhage , Tivoli Gardens is the first place we will visit!

We did walk past it though, so at least we got some nice pictures of it.



When we weren’t sight seeing, we were exploring the streets of Copenhagen. There were plenty of nice restaurants/cafes and so many cute little shops for us to go and explore! :)



Copenhagen, you were lovely:)

,and I will definitely be back!


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