16 things I learnt at 16

I’m turning 17 tomorrow! Here’s What I Learned In Year 16.

My 16th year has probably been the best year of my life! & as I write this, I can’t help but reminisce on all the memories that have been made this past year. I feel like I have been shaped greatly by the things I have learnt since my last birthday, and despite a couple challenges, I am grateful for each one. So, Today I am sharing 16 things I learnt at 16. Here’s to being a year older! 🙂

1. Appreciate every single thing! The colors of the sky when the sun rises and sets, the way a flower blooms from nothing as if by magic, the way the stars seem to align and hold their place in the sky as if they know where they belong. Appreciate your friends, family, health, happiness etc, You’ll be surprised how much beauty is around you.
2. Mistakes are inevitable. Dwell minimally, learn infinitely.
raw (1).gif
3. People will walk out of your life as quickly as they walked in. Let them.:)
4. Hard work definitely pays off! You define your own success – Make the best out of every opportunity, Be proud of what you have accomplished & keep striving for more. Baby steps until you’re good. Baby steps till you’re better. The hard work you put in will definitely pay off at the end of the day.
giphy (2).gif
 5. Ask for help & don’t be afraid to question things. You certainly don’t know everything at this age, and no one expects you to. If you don’t understand something, question it without the fear of looking stupid, because at the end of the day, Saying something is always better than saying nothing & suffering the consequences.
6. Know yourself & Know your worth. Because when you you know your worth no one can make you feel worthless.
raw (2).gif
7. Travel often – even if that means to an unfamiliar part of your neighborhood/city. It will change your perspective in ways you cannot imagine.
9.Run your own race, at your own pace. 

 10.  Your real friends will always have your back no matter how badly things go. 



11. This is your time to be selfish! So make your decisions accordingly & stay focused on your goals.



12.  Remember to be present and have fun, because life is meant to be enjoyed

giphy (3).gif


13.  Consistently do things that scare you no mater how hard it may seem. Stepping out of your comfort zone always makes for something great! Sometimes all it takes is a minute of insane courage.

14.No one is perfect, we are all works in progress.


15. It begins and ends in your mind. What you give power to has power over you.


16. Spend time only with the people that make you happy & bring out the best in you 




-Emma x


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