For the love of Elephants

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So as we all know, African Elephant populations are in serious threat due to the multi-billion dollar illegal ivory trade that is driven by Asia’s lust for Ivory products. Each day, almost 100 elephants are lost in Africa due to poaching, and studies suggest that the already dwindling elephant population decreases by a staggering 8% each year.

Imagine, I walked into your house and shot your mom several times just for her teeth while you watched helplessly?

How would you feel?


As someone who loves elephants so much, I can not even begin to  imagine life without them, and it breaks my heart to see that these heartless poachers are wiping elephants out without even the slightest guilt. It’s extremely inhumane to say the least.

The Illegal Ivory Trade is a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR industry. We’re talking BILLIONS guys. And to make matters worse, in today’s materialistic world, people would do anything for money 😦 , and they end up acting ruthless and inhumane because of it.

None of us can single-handedly stop the ivory trade. The only way it can be done, is if we all stand together to protect these beautiful animals. And yes, most of us do not have the skill to physically go out to the bush to protect the elephants and fight the war against poaching first hand. But that does not mean we can’t do anything to help :)!

There are several wildlife conservation organisations that are dedicated to supporting these grand creatures. They put immense effort into securing the elephants and their habitat, stopping the illegal ivory trade by strengthening anti-poaching initiatives, reducing conflict human-animal conflict and so much more!

Here are 3 fantastic ways in which you can help stop the Illegal Ivory Trade: 

  1. David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT)

Sheldricks Wildlife Trust is my favorite wildlife conservation Organisation! It is the most successful orphan elephant rescue & rehabilitation program in the whole entire world – and it is situated right here in Nairobi!


90% of the elephants at the DSTW nursery are orphans due to poaching. Due to the fact that baby elephants are vulnerable in the wild without their mothers, DSTW rescues them, cares for and rehabilitates them in the loving nursery, and eventually, when they are all well, they can go back into the wild.


If you have visited DSTW then you will definitely know that the elephants at the nursery look SO CUTE roaming around in their little blankets! But most importantly, you will know how happy and well-taken care of they all are.

No matter where you live, you can help this wonderful organisation by fostering an elephant 🙂 With support from several people worldwide, DSTW has managed to save almost 200 elephants and counting! And guess what, you can help this number increase by fostering a baby elly!

You can chose any baby at the nursery to foster at a minimum fee of 50 dollars a year 🙂 Baby Elephants need a significant amount of care, especially when they are very young. Therefore, By becoming a foster to an elephant, you are contributing to their food and milk formula,supporting the dedicated and absolutely outstanding keepers who care for the elephants 24/7, and, the general well-being of these wonderful creatures. 🙂

Adopting an elephant is such a wonderful thing. Not only is it for a good cause, but adopting a baby will fill your entire heart with joy. If you live far, DSTW will send you regular updates on your cute little elephant. If you’re in Nairobi, you can visit the nursery every weekend to see your elephant.

If this is something that interests you, then attached below is the link to the David Sheldricks Page which will give you more information on how you can do this 🙂 

2. Save the Elephants

save-the-elephantsSave the Elephants is another of my favorite wildlife conservation Organisations.

It works at securing Elephants and battling the current surge in Ivory Poaching.

If you’ve watched the BBC Series “This Wild Life”, you probably know of Iain Douglas Hamilton, Frank Pope and David Daballen. These guys, along with the rest of the team work significantly hard, and have put their lives in danger several times to protect the elephants.


Founded by Iain Douglas-Hamilton, Save the Elephants’ has been able to alert the rest of the world on the despicable poaching crisis that is occurring. With their hard work, they have been able to secure the future of several elephants!

Using the latest technology, they place tracking collars on bull elephants and matriarchs of elephant herds so that they can monitor their movements and make sure that they are well and safe.


David Dabollin, head of field operations at STE,  knows every single elephant by name! He knows the elephants and Samburu National Park like the back of his hand, and I honestly couldn’t be more grateful for the outstanding work that him, and the rest of the Save The Elephants Crew do to protect these gentle giants.


The Save the Elephants team, along with the Kenya Wildlife Service patrol the Samburu National Park daily (from above, and on the ground), to ensure that all is well with the elephants.

And that’s not it guys! They  help with Supplying Rangers with proper supplies and adequate training for tracking elephants & apprehending poachers.

Kenya Wildlife Service Rangers.jpg

Oh, and remember the baby elephants from David Sheldricks Wildlife Trust?

When STE helps rescue these cuties when they are in danger, and sends them to the DSTW Nursery in Nairobi :), and when they are re-rehabilitated and ready for the wild, STE helps to make sure that they are settling in with the rest of their herd well.

Together, Save The Elephants has done SO MUCH to help protect Elephants – a conservative organisation that we should all be extremely thankful for.

To Stand alongside Save The Elephants and help secure the elephants, you can visit their website and donate! – All Donations contribute to this outstanding movement.

So what are you waiting for? Visit the Save the Elephants Website today, and help sustain and protect or elephant population! 🙂


Now if you like fashion, then this one’s for you. As well as showing your support, you can stylishly wear it!

Ivory Ella seeks to inspire and motivate those around the world to be passionate about saving the elephants. And guess what, 10% of all profit goes to Save The Elephants!

They sell men’s clothing, women’s clothing, children’s clothing, accessories, bags, watches, YOU NAME IT!  (and they ship worldwide! & everything is of amazing quality)

 Every time you make a purchase, you are saving the elephants!! (yaaayyy)

 So it’s a win win situation 😉

4. DON’T BUY IVORY!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON’T DO IT!


This one is the most obvious way you can help, but regardless, several people remain active consumers of this product – making the illegal Ivory trade even harder to stop.

Right now, Ivory is worth more than gold, and it is a status-symbol that is sought after by several people in Asia, notably China.

It’s simple. Don’t buy it, Don’t wear it, Don’t even look at it! 

Because if you buy it, you are increasing the demand for it – meaning more innocent elephants will be targeted so that you can have theirs 😦

If you wear it, you are signalling to the rest of the world that elephants are not important to you in any way shape or form 😦

Even looking at it can suggest your interest in it, fueling illegal sellers to desire more and more ivory so that can make more money.

There is NOBODY in this world that needs an elephant Tusk except an Elephant! 

Here are some other outstanding Elephant Conservation Organisations that you can visit and support 🙂 

WE can stop this Ivory Trade guys! But only if we all take Action. 


Take action TODAY to Save Africa’s Elephants, or risk seeing them disappear forever


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