What I Learnt in High School : A Reflection

Hey Guys!! Im Baaackkk! And Im finally done with High School yaaayyyy! 🙂 I’ve been getting a lot of requests to do a post on being done with school, SO I thought it would be fitting to do a  “What I leant in high school” post, going through all years of high school and what I learnt. If you’re still in high school (or coming into high school in september), I hope this will save you from some of the mistakes I made myself!

 Don’t compete with anyone but yourself.

I’m going to put this one first, because as you read this post, you are more likely to remember the first thing you read – and this is super important & I can’t emphasise this enough. Whether it be your grades, your life, your looks etc. More often than not, you will find yourself tempted to compete with the person next to you. I remember in year 11 I was sooooo competitive. I don’t know whether it was the competitive spirit from sports rubbing off on me or if it was part of the correspondence principle to prepare me for the capitalist work place ( #marxism) . BUT what I do know is that I thought everything was a competition with others rather than with myself. I would base my success on whether I beat this person in this subject, or whether I beat that person in the other subject. It’s so silly  because when you compete with others, you only have to be better than them to win – there is no self-improvement, and you are not going anywhere or getting better at anything at all. Youre just wasting your time and energy and clearly, I never did anything extraordinary that year.

But going into A levels, I began to compete with solely myself. And I got more succesful, and grew more as a person because I was trying to be better than the person I was yesterday, not better than the person next to me. There is no fairer match to compete with but yourself. You are your biggest competition.


 You wont be stay friends with the same people 

We all grow & change – Theres a big difference to who you were at the beginning of high school and who you will be at the end of it. It is therefore likely that you wont have the same exact friends all throughout. On observation, I found that a lot of large friendship groups often sifted out into smaller groups. And at first I was like “ah this is so sad”, but then I realised it’s completely natural.  As you progress, you will begin to find yourself and what you love to do, and what happens is you may lose connections with people you previously hung around and gravitate to a closer-knit group of friends – and that’s okay! Right now im reconnecting with people who left Braeburn & I never spoke to and now its lke “WHY WERENT WE FRIENDS BEFORE!?”. The good thing though, is in the end, you will know who your real friends are, and you will move on with them 🙂


Do what makes YOU happy!

One of my biggest pieces of advice, and something that I learnt in high school is that you have to follow your heart. I have lost count of  the amount of times I saw people disregard what they wanted and unwillingly conformed to someone elses beliefs, ideals etc just because they wanted friends. I remember this happening to me when I first joined my school – I conformed to someone elses beliefs, ideals simply because I was new and wanted friends. I was a sheep, and it’s not fun being a sheep and I wasnt happy. So  I began to follow my own heart and indulge in my own interests. I began swimming & being myself, and I made a new group of friends  and I couldn’t be more grateful for them. They say your vibe attracts your tribe and yes its cheesy, but it’s so so true. But back to the initial point, don’t follow the crowd. Follow your own heart and do what makes you happy, and your friends will come to you 🙂


 Be Kind. Always. 

The funny thing is that you don’t really know how much anybody has going on in their life. You could be standing next to someone who is fighting a battle you dont know about. So be kind, it doesn’t cost a thing and it goes a long way. Yes,  you will meet people who are not so kind, like I remember there was this group of guys who would always go out of their way to be mean to me. There was this one time where they cut MY HAIR in maths. CAN YOU IMAGINE THEY THOUGHT IT WAS FUNNY TO CUT MY HAIR FOR NO REASON! AND YOU KNOW THE WAY AFRICAN HAIR TAKES LONG TO GROW!!!! ARGH!


I could have gone about it in several ways, but I will never regret being kind. Luckily it grew back. I guess the bottom line is that you will meet people  who will go out of their way to be mean, malicious and unkind. Let them be. But as for you,  be kind 🙂

Stay focussed & work hard

I’m not going to lie . Staying focussed and having motivation to work hard in school, especially for subjects that you don’t enjoy/are really hard isn’t always easy.


But, if you think about it, education is literally the blueprint of our lives. As Nelson Mandela said – “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”, and I couldn’t agree more. School is really there so you can learn, educate yourself and get to a good university. Yes there are people who have become succesful without education, but it makes it a whole lot easier! Our parents pay millions for our education so tough it out and please don’t slack off –  give your best, work hard (in both academics & extra-curricular activities) & stay focussed – your future self-will thank you for it.   🙂

               “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”                                – Nelson Mandela

 Coffee isn’t actually so bad

What used to be my mortal enemy turned out to be  my biggest life support. Yeah, yeah, it’s stunts your growth and all, but sleeping and exams don’t go hand in hand so..

S/0 to java for the best Iced Coffee

sips tea.gif

 High School flies by so fast – so cherish every moment


If I could go back to the beginning of high school. I would. LOOOOL just kidding I would never go back. Will I miss it? Yes I will. Its crazy though because time has gone so fast. It literally feels like I was starting high school  the other day and now im done! It all goes by so  incredibly quick & seems to slow down and speed up at the exact opposite times you wish they would. It’s easy to get caught up int he stress and fast pace of it all but make sure you cherish all the memories you have with your friends because soon you wont get to see them everyday.

Looking back on it, I actually loved high school. I met some really amazing people and made amazing memories and had great experiences that I will never forget. Earlier today I was looking through pictures from graduation with all my teachers and friends and it got me emotional because these people helped me so much for the past 7 years and I am so lucky to have gotten to know them all. However, as much as its sad to leave, it’s also extremely relieving and  liberating to be done, and I can’t wait for everything that’s ahead! All in all,  High school was fun! Every year was different in its own way, and every year had its own unique challenges. Yes sometimes you will be drowning in homework and stress, but you will survive 🙂 Make sure you enjoy every moment of it, be true to yourself , work hard, and be kind xx




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