Sweet Escapes

Ladies & Gentlemen, I present to you the travel section of my blog!  🙂 This by far has been the most requested topic for me to write about, so here you have it 🙂


I am seriously in love with travelling. It’s  hard to put into words the feeling I get when I step out of a plane into a completely new place. The adventure of travel is something I love with all my heart. I get such a rush from seeing new places and learning new things! There’s something truly magical about seeing a well known monument for the first time with my own eyes. I love waking up in my hotel and looking out the window to a new scene (especially with the backdrop of a sunset/sunrise). I love all the laughs & good times – and ofcousce reminicing on all the memories made when its all over. Whether it is to somewhere across the world or a few hours drive, travelling is always fun 🙂


I am a firm believer that in order to understand the world you need to travel. And by travel I dont mean roaming around a 5 star hotel in another country, I mean TRAVEL travel where you meet the locals, interact with the people & take the time to learn about their culture and history. Until then, you will simply just be an armchair philosopher at best when it comes to discussing the worlds issues 🙂




Thus far, in my 17 years of life, I have gotten to travel quite extensively – something that I am always thankful for. I recently just got back from a pretty fun 2 week trip through Northen Europe , so I think my first ever travel post will be on that! However, I’m still debating on whether to post the places ive been to in chronological order or to just post randomly… hmmm… Regardless of that, travel posts wil be coming soon – so stay tuned 🙂